To be the Voice of Caribbean Nurses and Midwives in driving change towards the improvement of health & social care, education, workforce and policy development.



  • Develop a unique group of professionals with wide range of experience to influence the improvement of healthcare, inequalities of health and individuals to reach their full potential.
  • Engage with organisations to focus and shape future policy to ensure positive, sustainable improvement in outcomes for the diverse Caribbean Community and our Partners.
  • Advocate for greater investment into the ethnic minorities Nursing workforce, opportunities, equalities, inclusion and transparency


  • The purpose for coming together is to combine our energy and share resources to create or provide services and programs which we desire for ourselves, as Caribbean nurses and midwives and to give to others.
  • We do so to create an environment which will provide support, professional development, education, fundraising and social interaction.



  • Provide Strategic Leadership support to advance the nursing and Midwives profession and career opportunities.
  • Be inclusive by engaging a broad range of partners, members and perspective groups.
  • Develope framework to empower and give members confidence to influence change.
  • Develop system to increase advocacy for Nurses to improve diversity, inclusion equality and Health inequalities across the Health System.
  • To increase the voice and development of the younger generation to be future leaders.